When a tooth has an impossible prognosis, it is necessary to perform its extraction or extraction. Any lost tooth must be replaced. Currently we practice various techniques of bone regeneration so that practically in all cases the teeth can be permanently replaced with implants.


Treats all surgical problems of the oral cavity. Simple exodontiae (extractions), extractions of third molars (wisdom teeth), included teeth, cysts, and frenula.


The speciality of dentistry that is in charge of the diagnosis, planning and execution of the treatment oriented to the replacement of missing teeth with dental implants. It is performed with a safe, widely developed and proven technique that improves the quality of life, the functionality and the aesthetics of patients. It is a routine practice of modern dentistry so generally, the replacement of lost teeth by implants is the best option against classical prostheses (bridges and removable prostheses). The implant simulates the root of the lost tooth and serves as the basis for the placement of different types of prostheses (complete prostheses, unitary teeth, and bridges).


After an exhaustive clinical history of the patient, sufficient data are collected to be able to plan the case. For diagnosis and planning, we use models from the patient’s mouth, radiographies (panoramic and periapical) and sometimes CT scans of the jaws to be treated.
The patient is informed of the treatment indicated in his case, cost and financing.


Through a small surgical procedure performed with local anaesthesia, the implants are placed in the maxillary bone or in the jaw. According to the classic protocols, the period of osseointegration is expected between 4 to 6 weeks, although today there are some cases where prostheses are placed on the same day of the intervention.


The definitive prostheses are placed on the implants.
Implants require the same care as our teeth. Once the treatment is finished, the patient must undergo a review at least once a year.

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