Fillings are the indicated treatment for the pathology of caries. It is a conservative treatment when it comes to a small caries. All decayed tissue is removed with minimal dental preparation and filled with highly aesthetic materials. Old unsightly or filtered seals can also be exchanged for more avant-garde materials.


When the dental pulp, which is the vascular-nervous package that goes inside each dental piece and gives vitality to them, is irreversibly injured its treatment is Endodontics. The exeresis is performed, the dental ducts are disinfected, the root canal or ducts of the piece to be treated are formed, and the filling and sealing are then carried out.

This situation occurs when the cavities are deep (they penetrate the enamel and dentine), after ineffective fillings, dental trauma and/or endoperiodontal injury.

After the endodontics, the treated piece must be reconstructed. Depending on the coronary destruction, it will be done using a complex filling or a reconstruction with or without an intraradicular post and in some cases a crown of total covering (sheath) will be placed on the piece. Endodontics are more susceptible to fracture.

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