Improves the aesthetics of the smile and thus the facial aesthetics. Whitening, veneers, crowns of total coating … different procedures are indicated to treat alterations of colour, shape or even small alterations in the position of the teeth.

To have a good facial aesthetics, it is essential to show an aesthetic smile. Aesthetic dentistry is not only responsible for performing treatments in the anterior sector that are camouflaged and integrated perfectly into the patient’s mouth, but also for improving the smile.

There are several procedures which can be implemented to highlight the smile and to solve those issues that keep a patient from enjoying an ideal smile.

Nowadays, one of the most demanded procedures of Aesthetic and cosmetic Dentistry is Whitening.

Whitening is the most conservative treatment to lighten the colour of the teeth.


Widely implemented to treat one or some teeth that have changed colour with respect to the rest, usually due to trauma or endodontics.There is a minimum preparation of the tooth (on the inside) where it is accessed to apply the bleaching agent. The colour change is controlled until the treated tooth mimics the rest.


It is normally applied on all teeth to lighten the colour. Sometimes it is used in conjunction with other treatments, such as veneers for example, to achieve a more satisfactory result.

It consists in the application of whitening agents at high concentration in the examination room, controlled by a professional, and the patient continues the treatment at home using the same product at a lower concentration in splints (they can be used while sleeping).

Dental aesthetics is a multidisciplinary speciality.

Veneers Sometimes teeth are strongly stained (by treatments with tetracyclines for example) or have alterations in shape (wear or asymmetry) and normal whitening alone is ineffective.

We currently make Porcelain Veneers, this treatment let us achieve a maximum level of aesthetics, as well as being durable and conservative. The external face of the tooth is carved and these porcelain sheets are adhered. It enables us to give the patient a highly aesthetic smile.


The gum is the frame of the teeth. This is why its structure is very important in the smile. Short teeth (altered passive eruption), a smile with excessive gingival exposure, asymmetric gum margins… can negatively affect the aesthetics of the smile. All these alterations are more evident, for example after an orthodontic treatment.

The same happens with the loss of hard and soft tissues after an extraction. Periodontal surgery allows tissue remodelling as well as replacing lost tissue and regenerating deficient areas.

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