It consists in preventing the development of oral pathologies, going periodically to review appointments where the patient is also instructed in proper hygiene and dental care, such as cleanings, fluoridations, brushing techniques, etc…

Prevention is the best treatment for any disease. However, when it is not possible to prevent early diagnosis is very important to minimize its consequences (better prognosis) and simplify the treatment.

The purpose of preventive dentistry is to put barriers that hinder the development of oral diseases. This is especially important in children and teenagers.

After the first visit, where a rigorous clinical history and an extra and intra-oral examination are performed, a prevention plan is established. We basically prevent the appearance of the most common pathologies in the oral cavity: caries and periodontal disease.

The most frequently performed procedures are:

  • Prophylaxis (Oral Cleansing).
  • Brushing and oral hygiene techniques.
  • Control of plate.
  • Control of the diet.
  • Fluoridations.

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