Orthodontics is a speciality that corrects the malocclusions, bad positions of the teeth, in a way that results in better aesthetics, functionality and oral hygiene. Orthodontics is a treatment recommended to all types of people and due to its benefits, the juvenile age is the most suitable.

In patients who have lost teeth for a long time and there is an overturning in one of the senses of the remaining pieces, pre-prosthetic orthodontics is performed in order to replace the lost piece or pieces.

The smile is a person’s best letter of introduction. It shows health and status.


The first appointment to our consultation will help us know the problems in your teeth, bones that lodge your teeth, and any other problem related to your oral health. We will classify your malocclusion, that is, your bite and crowding.

We will show you the type of devices to be used, whether they are fixed, removable or Invisalign, and also the expected duration of the treatment, costs and financing possibilities.


At the next appointment, a complete clinical examination is performed. A facial and aesthetic analysis of the patient is made, skeletal, dental, periodontal, gum and bone analysis, as well as the analysis of the occlusion or bite. All the records are taken to be able to study the case, all these data will allow us to have a starting reference.

Photographs, extra-oral and intra-oral, radiographies (panoramic radiography and lateral x-ray of the skull), cephalometry (measurements made on lateral radiography), models and occlusion record.


In this visit the devices are placed, and the patient is given the guidelines to follow so that they work properly, cleaning tips, advice on how to act in case of any inconvenience, etc.


These visits are really short. The patient attends every month or month and a half to the examination room to check the process.


  • Functional
  • Removable
  • Fixed: Conventional braces (metallic or transparent)
  • Invisalign almost invisible orthodontics

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