Speciality of Dentistry that restores lost teeth. It is very important to replace a tooth after its loss so as not to lose the balance of the mouth. There are basically two types:


They restore absent teeth by prosthesis that the patient can take out from their mouth. They can be complete, supported only by the patient’s mucosa, implant-supported, or partial, they replace only some teeth.


They are cemented or adhered to the teeth


When a tooth has lost more than fifty percent of its crown, it is necessary to reinforce it with a crown of total cover or sheath. It happens after very extensive cavities or teeth that have gone trough endodontics and that cannot be solved with a temporary filling. It is cemented to the tooth with a specific cement according to the material that we use for the crown, this material can be metal, zirconium, ceramics, etc.


To permanently replace one or more missing teeth, teeth adjacent to the loss are prepared and the prosthesis is cemented. In this way, the absence or absence of teeth is rehabilitated. There are different materials of choice according to the location in the mouth.

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